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This morning I decided to look for Anthony Bogaert's "Understanding Asexuality" in a format I can read and was disappointed to find that it's not scheduled to be produced in braille or audio by NLS and no one has submitted it to Bookshare.org. As it's an academic-leaning text it might eventually end up at Learning Ally but I can't afford $120 for membership there (plus however much they're charging for a DRM key these days) for just one book. I could buy the ebook but I try to avoid DRM'd ebooks as much as possible, and they don't work with a lot of screen readers or braille displays.

None of the rental options for the documentary "(A)sexual" indicate whether or not they have captions available, and I've not seen anything about DVD availability.

People who can't access standard print or spoken language deserve access to these materials too.
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