Sep. 24th, 2011 03:58 pm
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So I was writing something, and I absentmindedly wrote down "in the asexual community..." and went on with my sentence.

And then I looked back at it and I thought about that phrase, and whether it really quite fit. The thing is, I don't think you can actually say anything about "the asexual community" any more. There's too many different asexual communities with too many distinct cultures to be able to make that generalization. This is awesome.

This has hit me pretty hard, guys. Because when I first started identifying as ace, you could legitimately say that--there was AVEN and there was basically nowhere else to discuss asexuality. Oh, there were maybe a few tiny, isolated pockets of discussion where individual asexuals found each other in other spaces to talk, but nothing big enough to have its own culture that wasn't essentially identical to AVEN culture.

But now we have lots of different communities! And the cultures are changing, and this is just so cool.

I'm going to go off and be happy about this for the rest of the day now. I love the fact that we're decentralizing and spreading out so very widely. And just... eeeeee~<3
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