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Quick community business post.

Recently the mods were told that there are people who aren't joining the community because of the invitation-style membership qualifications (having to answer the questions about username and the accessibility policy). After consulting each other, the mods decided to open up membership.

1) The first sign of trolling or something like that, we'll go back to moderated membership.

2) The mods are going to be keeping an eye on new activity to make sure people are staying consistent with the rules of the safe space and accessibility policies. So far people have been good about this, but since new members don't have to answer questions about the accessibility policy we'll be paying extra attention.

3) If you're currently on Tumblr and don't mind letting people know membership rules have changed, signal boosting would be appreciated. I'm on a mental-health-assisting Tumblr hiatus and just can't go back for at least a few more days. Thank you.
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