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This is the call for applications that I posted on Tumblr (link):

I'm looking for two other people to be moderators with me. To apply, write a few sentences in the submit box about why you think you would do a good job as a moderator for A Gray Asexual Space, and include your email address. Willingness to be accessible in terms of trigger warnings (as described here, here, here and here) and image descriptions (as described here and here) on the blog and your own blog is a must.

I am looking for at least two additional moderators, and so far I have received only one applicant. Please consider applying.
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Asexual Awareness Week (October 23-29) has created a census for asexual, demisexual and grey-a identified people.
To be scientifically representative, the census needs at least 500 responses. If this happens the results can go towards future academic research into asexuality, and give us a better understanding of the asexual population.
Please only take the survey if you are on the asexual-spectrum!
Please complete the survey and spread the message!

(via Sciatrix's tumblr)


Aug. 14th, 2011 02:28 pm
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Only mods can create tags. This is to keep tags from getting out of hand, and to prevent multiple tags being created for a single topic. Use the tag "admin: tag request" on your post if you want a new tag, and somewhere in your post make it noticeable what tag you want and why.

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