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Today's open thread is about spices. Do you have favorites to cook with or eat? Do you prefer mild food? Must the spice flow?
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Today's open thread is about growing things. Do you garden? Do you have houseplants? Do you wish you did? Do you have dreams of genetically engineering an enormous carnivorous plant to keep intruders away?
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Today's open thread is about things to do with your feet. Do you like to walk? Run? Paint your toenails? Soak in hot water? Do karate? Go barefoot in the grass?
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Today's open thread is about musical instruments. Do you play any? Do you wish you played any? Did you know that the biggest woodwind instrument in the world is seven feet tall?

Open Thread

Jan. 9th, 2013 11:28 pm
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This thread is about sea creatures! Do you have favorites? Do you have dis-favorites? Do you love them all? Do you hate them all? Do you think zooplankton is the cutest thing on n limblike things? Discuss!

Open Thread

Dec. 8th, 2012 11:04 pm
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This thread is about books. Read anything good lately?
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This morning I decided to look for Anthony Bogaert's "Understanding Asexuality" in a format I can read and was disappointed to find that it's not scheduled to be produced in braille or audio by NLS and no one has submitted it to Bookshare.org. As it's an academic-leaning text it might eventually end up at Learning Ally but I can't afford $120 for membership there (plus however much they're charging for a DRM key these days) for just one book. I could buy the ebook but I try to avoid DRM'd ebooks as much as possible, and they don't work with a lot of screen readers or braille displays.

None of the rental options for the documentary "(A)sexual" indicate whether or not they have captions available, and I've not seen anything about DVD availability.

People who can't access standard print or spoken language deserve access to these materials too.
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Yep-- I'm actually talking about the weather.

Or rather, I'm hoping you'll talk about the weather. How is it where you are? Are you enjoying it? If you could use your magic weather control device and change it, what would you change it to?

Open Thread

Nov. 8th, 2012 09:19 pm
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In my infinite togetherness, I inadvertently posted my original question, which was about the weather, to my own journal.

Therefore, here's a new question! This open thread is about celebrations. Specifically, which holiday or celebratory customs would you like to add, and which would you like to make go away forever?
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Hi. I joined up here about a year ago, very very soon after discovering my asexuality. Since then... it's been a really wild kind of year. From asexuality, and various social-justice oriented ace blogs, I jumped to Gender & Sexual Minority activism, then to feminism, then to anti-racism, to learning about ableism and trans* issues.

And now I guess I'm coming back? Regardless, I feel that I really should thank all the people here. I might not have been here for a veeeery long time, but it was communities like this and the stories shared in groups like this that really pushed me to learning more.

So. Er. What have I missed?
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With the permission of the mods, I'm going to attempt semi-weekly open threads for some time, to see if we can get some discussion going back in this lovely group.

Today's open thread is about Halloween. Do you like it? Do you dislike it? What do you like or dislike about it? Do you live somewhere where it's not celebrated?
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Someone in the Asexual & Kinky FetLife group recently suggested in the website improvement area that the site add a drop-down for romantic orientation. FetLife has options for sexual orientation which have included "Asexual" for a long time.

If anyone here is a member of FetLife and wants to vote in favor of the suggestion to add romantic orientation options to the site, the link is here: https://fetlife.com/improvements/1920
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Okay, so I've been really bad about remembering to check (and post) open threads. Since it's been a couple weeks since the last one, let's have one!

This thread will be a free for all.

What's on your mind right now?
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Today's open thread topic is nostalgia.
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Just to let you know the Carnival of Aces is happening at my place this month! The topic is gender and the deadline is Halloween. :)
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This is the call for applications that I posted on Tumblr (link):

I'm looking for two other people to be moderators with me. To apply, write a few sentences in the submit box about why you think you would do a good job as a moderator for A Gray Asexual Space, and include your email address. Willingness to be accessible in terms of trigger warnings (as described here, here, here and here) and image descriptions (as described here and here) on the blog and your own blog is a must.

I am looking for at least two additional moderators, and so far I have received only one applicant. Please consider applying.
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Today's open thread topic is music. What kind of music do you most like to listen to? Do you have any experience playing a musical instrument? If your life had a soundtrack, what would the song for your current situation be? Is there a song or artist that can make you happy, no matter what mood you were otherwise in? Are there any songs that mean a lot to you for other reasons?

Also, please note that today's open thread is public.
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Quick community business post.

Recently the mods were told that there are people who aren't joining the community because of the invitation-style membership qualifications (having to answer the questions about username and the accessibility policy). After consulting each other, the mods decided to open up membership.

1) The first sign of trolling or something like that, we'll go back to moderated membership.

2) The mods are going to be keeping an eye on new activity to make sure people are staying consistent with the rules of the safe space and accessibility policies. So far people have been good about this, but since new members don't have to answer questions about the accessibility policy we'll be paying extra attention.

3) If you're currently on Tumblr and don't mind letting people know membership rules have changed, signal boosting would be appreciated. I'm on a mental-health-assisting Tumblr hiatus and just can't go back for at least a few more days. Thank you.


Sep. 24th, 2011 03:58 pm
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So I was writing something, and I absentmindedly wrote down "in the asexual community..." and went on with my sentence.

And then I looked back at it and I thought about that phrase, and whether it really quite fit. The thing is, I don't think you can actually say anything about "the asexual community" any more. There's too many different asexual communities with too many distinct cultures to be able to make that generalization. This is awesome.

This has hit me pretty hard, guys. Because when I first started identifying as ace, you could legitimately say that--there was AVEN and there was basically nowhere else to discuss asexuality. Oh, there were maybe a few tiny, isolated pockets of discussion where individual asexuals found each other in other spaces to talk, but nothing big enough to have its own culture that wasn't essentially identical to AVEN culture.

But now we have lots of different communities! And the cultures are changing, and this is just so cool.

I'm going to go off and be happy about this for the rest of the day now. I love the fact that we're decentralizing and spreading out so very widely. And just... eeeeee~<3
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Last night, the other ace at my campus LGBTQA group and I were sitting around and chatting, and we discussed the idea of approaching the officers of the group and offering to do a talk on asexuality sometime during Asexual Awareness Week. Trouble is, neither of us have ever been involved in an offline discussion like that.

Thoughts on how to set this up? Suggestions on what to be prepared for? If we do do this, we'll probably be addressing a medium-to-small group of mostly LGBT-identified people, some of whom I think have some very basic exposure to asexuality but almost none of whom have ever heard of it. Has anyone done something like this before?

Also, have spent most of my day working on the 101 resource [personal profile] kaz and SlightlyMetaphysical and I keep starting up, because we need one. Agh.

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